Holistic Body Treatments at Manchester Beauty Lounge

Starting at: £29.00

Sugar Kiwi Body Polisher
A complete body exfoliation treatment from your finger tips to your toes, to eliminate dry, flaky skin and refine the skin's texture. Ideal before a self tan or another body treatment.

Aromatic Body Minceur - Course of 3 or 9
This holistic body contouring treatment uses an anti-cellulite sculpting massage with detoxing essential oils and a clay mask to drain toxins and firm areas prone to cellulite.

Aromatic Body Douceur
A complete body exfoliation with a sugar kiwi scrub followed by an energising massage with citrus essential oils. Pure relaxation to leave skin soft and smooth and the body de-stressed.

Aromatic Body Spa
Either Aromatic Body treatment may be combined with Guinot Aromatic or Liftosome facials for a complete face and body package.

Pregnancy Pampering Treatment
This relaxing treatment has been created especially for expectant mums. The treatment includes full face and body cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising with lots of relaxing massage on lower legs and body to relieve discomfort from pregnancy.

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