Aromatherapy Swedish Massage Treatments

Starting at: £30.00

We offer a relaxing Swedish massage technique and we can adapt the pressure and technique to suit your needs. Choose the amount of time and the areas you would like us to focus on. For example, neck, back, shoulder, full body, legs and feet, head and face.

Stress-a-way A calming aromatherapy blend that offers a respite from daily tension.

Refresh An uplifting aromatherapy blend to revitalise the body and elevate the senses.

Relaxation A deeply soothing aromatherapy blend to comfort the mind body and soul.

Muscle melt Ease away tired, aching muscles with a blend of warming rosemary, juniper and thyme.

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If you want a booking within the next 7 days please call: 0161 490 5099 to confirm your date & time first. Anything over 7 days we can usually accomodate, & we will always contact you to confirm your booking.

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