Mousse de Coton Shower Foam - Creamy Foam "Luxury" Shower Mousse


Gently cleanses delicate skin thanks to its soft and creamy foam.
Mousse de Coton with Sacred Lotus and Cottonseed Oil neutralises the drying effects of hard water.

- Soothes delicate skin.
- Prevents dryness after showering and leaves skin velvety soft.

ACTIVE COMPONENT: Cottonseed oil, rich in provitamins and in precious fatty acids, it reinforces the skin's natural defences, regenerates and nourishes. Sacred lotus extract, has soothing properties. Relieves sensitive and delicate skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount of Mousse de Coton to wet skin. Lather in circular movements. Use on the entire body and rinse thoroughly.

TEXTURE : Gel Cream

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  • Manufactured by: Guinot