Huile Satinée Body Oil - The softness of silk on the skin


This oil, softens and regenerates the body, takes care of skin, which is dry, dull, and undernourished.
It nourishes the driest areas, from the elbows to the knees.

- Makes skin satin smooth. 
- Comforts and nourishes.
- Rejuvenates the skin's appearance.

ACTIVE COMPONENT: Natural silk extracts: Rich in essential fatty acids, they nourish and soften the skin leaving it velvety soft.

DIRECTIONS: Apply Huile Satinée to the entire body after a shower or bath, allowing it to penetrate the skin using very light strokes and focusing on the driest areas (elbows, knees).

TEXTURE : Ultra-fine dry oil


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  • Manufactured by: Guinot