Longue Vie Buste - Works like an invisible bra for the bust


This serum cream, with its 56 cellular active ingredients, enhances the beauty of the bust and neckline, recreating youth and elasticity.

- Makes the bust look younger by smoothing out the neckline. 
- Re-shapes the chest by firming support tissue. 
- Nourishes and illuminates the skin in this fragile area.

ACTIVE COMPONENT: The Cellular Life Complex: Made up of 56 biological active ingredients vital to the existence of cells. The Cellular Life Complex was developed in a hospital burns unit to reconstruct skin. It gets incomparable results in regards to cell regeneration, for visibly younger and firmer skin.

DIRECTIONS: Using a circular motion gently massage into skin, morning and evening, starting below the breasts and moving up to the neckline.

TEXTURE : Serum cream

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  • Manufactured by: Guinot