Crème Energie Lift - Firming comfort night cream


Reinforces support tissue by regenerating elastic fibres (collagen, elastin). Refirms the facial features. For a luminous complexion first thing in the morning.

ACTIVE COMPONENT: Providing extraordinary regenerating properties, the dermostimulines® stimulate cell functions, renewing the epidermis and reinforcing the tissue tone. - Vitamin C (facilitates the synthesis of elastic fibres by energising fibroblasts) - Hydrocyte (hydrates*) - Collalift (anti-collagenase, conserves support fibres and the mechanical properties of the skin) - Natural Fruit Acids (radiant complexion through gentle exfoliation) - Liftoproteins (exercise an immediate tightening mechanical action) - Biotechnological Complex (Binds the cells together providing a tightening effect) * The upper layers of the epidermis

DIRECTIONS: Use as a treatment for at least one month. Apply in the evening (repeat as necessary)

TEXTURE : cream

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  • Manufactured by: Guinot