Lotion Blancheur Newlight - Lightening "Starter" Toner


Activates the elimination of pigmented dead cells.

- Enriches the skin with active lightening ingredients before application of face cream.
- Refreshes the skin during the day while lightening the complexion.

ACTIVE COMPONENT: Clariskin has an intensive depigmentation action - by means of lightening - on melanin grains, and additionally regulates the production of melanin, by reducing the proportion of brown melanin. Vitamin C powerfully reinforces lightening and depigmentation, through its anti-oxidant and anti-radical action: it protects the skin and cutaneous tissue. Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen, thus regenerating tissue and restoring radiance by removing dead cells.

DIRECTIONS: Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin.


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  • Manufactured by: Guinot