Eye treatments, Hydrate, Tint, Lashes, Shape, Lift

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All our brow shapes include full consultation. A patch test must be carried out 24 hours prior to lash or brow tint.

Eyebrow Shape/wax
Your brows shape your face so why not shape your brows!

Eyebrow Tint
Enhance the general appearance of your eyes, particularly beneficial for people with fair eyebrows and for people who use eyebrow pencils.

Eyelash Tint
Wake up to beautiful eyes with a permanent mascara treatment that lasts up to three weeks.

Eyelash perm and tint combi or 
Eyebrow and eyelash tint combi
A treatment which enhances your lashes with curl. Results remain for approximately six weeks.

Guinot Eye Hydradermie
Helps Reduce shadows, puffiness and hydrates and deep cleanses the skin to restore and maintain it's natural beauty.

Guinot Eye Lift
This version of the treatment specifically targets the area around the eyes to reduce signs of ageing. It rehydrates and regenerates, as well as "lifting" the eye lids and smoothing fine lines, to restore a relaxed rejuvenated look to the whole eye area.

Weekend/Party Lashes
The addition of temporary lashes to enhance the eyes

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